24 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck Max Tote

(2) 2x4s in 12” length

Exterior Screws

Gravity Feeder (Petmate or Bistro)*  or large bowl if you are able to feed every day

(*Be sure feeder you select will fit into the storage Tote.  You may have to turn the tote onto its short side or select larger size storage tote.)


Shallow tray filled with water for gravity feeder to sit in, or ant prevention disks, during warm weather.



Tools Needed

Box Cutter

Screw Driver




Holding storage tote with wide sides as bottom and top*, screw wood “feet” into bottom (front to back).   Cut cover into three pieces:  the first should be the top portion and be xx inches wide.  This piece will cover the feeder and can be removed for sliding out the feeder to refill/clean.  The bottom piece should just create a lip over the bottom of the carrier.  (You can screw it in if you desire.)  The last piece (the middle of the cover) should be discarded.  This is the section which will be open for the cats to step into and eat from.  Place the feeder or bowl against back wall of feeder for maximum protection from snow/rain/debris.   In warm weather when bugs are a problem, either place the feeder/bowl in a shallow dish of water (too shallow to get into food, of course) or stick ant prevention disk(s) to bottom of feeder/bowl.




The feeding station itself will cost approximately $10

Gravity feeders range in price depending on size. (Available at major pet supply centers.)

Ant prevention disks $6  (Available at major pet supply centers)