37 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck Max Tote (shatter resistant to 0 F)

Liquid Nails for Projects and Foamboard

(2) 2x4s in 12” lengths

Rigid Foam Insulation (3/4” thick)

Shelter Foam styrofoam insulation (3/4” x 13 5/8” x 48”) – 6 pieces per package

1-1/4” weather resistant exterior screws

4 ml plastic sheeting (plastic drop cloth material)


Duct or electrical tape (wide)



Tools Needed

Box Cutter

Caulk Gun

Screw Driver

Tape Measure





Cut a square or round opening in the corner of the front (long side) that is just large enough for a cat to fit through beginning approx 1” from the bottom and 1” from the side.  Cut a 3 sided flap on the opposite end of the back side.  The rigid pink insulation panels fit perfectly width wise on the long sides of the tote.  The white Styrofoam panels fit perfectly on the short sides of the tote.  Just use the box cutter to trim the height and the liquid nails to secure.  Glue another piece of the Styrofoam to the inside cover of the tote; width is perfect so just trim length.  Screw wood “feet” into bottom (front to back).  Trim another piece of white Styrofoam to fit on the bottom (again, width is perfect), cover with the plastic sheeting which should be secured by taping on bottom.  Fit into place on bottom; no glue should be necessary.  Trim rigid foam with box cutter through the front opening and do the same on back flap.  However, take the piece removed from the back flap and use liquid nails to glue it to the flap for maximum insulation.  Spread a good layer of hay/straw on bottom of shelter and cover tightly.




Approximately $25





*NOTE: This storage tote is made in sizes up to 50 gallons which would fit more cats but, keep in mind (1) you will have to do more cutting and patching of the insulation (2) they are harder to transport (3) it is possible one cat can take over a whole shelter.